Rob Morgan

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TLDR: This is a big release.

Today I’m excited to announce Phinx 0.3.0. This release has been in the making for quite a few months. Last October Phinx broke 10,000 downloads and just four months later will see Phinx topping 30,000. This has been incredible momentum for the project.

The 0.3.0 release also includes an overhauled website at: and documentation at For beginners I’m also planning to release a screencast that covers the most popular features of Phinx. Stay tuned!

Phinx now supports MySQL, Postgres & SQLite out of the box. I’m interested to bring better support to Windows and obviously support Microsoft SQL Server. This cannot happen without financial support including a Windows server with MSSQL to test the builds. If anyone knows or has a contact at Microsoft or if a partner is willing to sponsor this then get in touch with me directly.

On the roadmap for Phinx in the future is better test coverage, documentation and database support. We want to integrate with Doctrine and add DBAL support.

Last but not least I’m finding less and less time to develop Phinx these days. It’s hard to juggle two startups, private life and a project growing at this pace. I’m looking to create a “core team” with GitHub commit rights to shape the future of this project. If you’ve been contributing regularly and are interested then please get in touch with me.

Thank you for supporting and using Phinx!