Rob Morgan

Australian Startup CTO, Berlin Alumni, Creator of Phinx, Startups, Technology, Travel

Good Afternoon, Three days ago I released Phinx version 0.4.4 after many months of silence.

My apologies for not making this release sooner, however it was quite necessary to close a major round of investment for my paying job (Locafox). That has now been completed and I look forward to actively contributing to Phinx once again. Phinx 0.4.4 includes a lot of work that was intended for 0.5.0 - which I decided to postpone due to lack of time on my behalf. Notably absent is of course the seed feature which has been promised and will be delivered in 0.5.0. The change method is now the default when creating new migrations.

I am always looking to promote regular contributors to maintainer status, provided I feel the project will be steered in the right direction. I’m really looking forward to seeing Phinx break 500,000 downloads in the next months and if you haven’t already seen my video talk at the PHP Tour 2015 in Luxembourg, then watch it below. It offers a really quick introduction to Phinx.

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