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Hi, my name is Rob Morgan and I'm a passionate entrepreneur with experience in a wide range of technology companies. I work remotely with my consulting company Brightfame from the world's most isolated capital city - Perth, Western Australia. Previously, I lived in Berlin, Germany and worked heavily in the startup scene. From an early age, I've always lived and breathed technology.

I created and released the Phinx open-source database migrations tool and released a set of production-grade infrastructure modules for Google Cloud. Previously I co-founded Locafox (a German based, local shopping startup - exited 2020) and helped launch Australia's leading online fashion retailer - THE ICONIC. When I'm not working with technology, I love to travel and listen to electronic dance music.


Gruntwork's mission is to make it 10x easier to build software. Our goal is to make world-class infrastructure and DevOps practices accessible to everyone, and not just the small, elite group of companies that can afford a huge team of infrastructure engineers and SREs. The flagship product has more than 350,000 lines of reusable, battle-tested, production-ready infrastructure code written in Terraform, Go, Python, and Bash. I previously lead several products at Gruntwork, contributed to our Terragrunt, Terratest projects and was responsible for closing nearly $1m in inbound sales. I remain a Gruntwork Partner and am happy to help with any consulting or integration needs.


Phinx is the number #1 database migrations tool for PHP. Written using Symfony components, it has been downloaded more than 30 million times and is continuously developed by over 300 contributors. Phinx is used by many high-profile companies including BMW, Billabong and I released Phinx in 2012 and led the project for the first 5 years. It is now part of the Cake Software Foundation.

Co-Founder at Locafox

Locafox is a local product search engine where you can find the prices and availability of products from retailers in your area. Simply enter your desired product and location and we'll present you with a range of buying options. In July 2016 we successfully completed our first same-day delivery trial. Along with four other co-founders, I helped start Locafox and developed the technology for the first two years. We were successful in closing a multi-million euro investment round. Locafox was successfully sold to ANKER Kassensysteme GmbH in 2020.

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The Hundert Vol. 6 [2015]

The Hundert Vol 6 Berlin Startups Locafox

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